Presentiamo il Panel NO PRISON – University of Westminster and International Conference on Prison Abolitionism

Riportiamo la presentazione del panel NO PRISON, organizzato dalla University of Westminster in collaborazione con la International Conference on Prison Abolitionism (ICOPA), al quale parteciperanno – oltre a membri del nostro staff – dei docenti internazionali che nello scorso anno hanno tenuto delle lezioni al Master sul tema dell’abolizionismo penitenziario.

This panel, organised by the University of Westminster in collaboration with the International Conference on Prison Abolitionism (ICOPA) 18, provides an overview of the No Prison social movement in Europe and is specifically focused on chapters from the forthcoming book NO Prison (Published by EG Press in the summer of 2018).

The contributors to the book agree on the goal to get rid of prisons, root and branch, worldwide, once and for all, without ifs and buts. At the same time, they show considerable differences with respect to cultural and social obstacles to reach that goal.

The themes and questions of the papers at the ICOPA NO Prison panel include:

Gwenola Ricordeau

– no abolitionist movement without us! a manifesto for prisoners’ relatives and friends

Beppe Mosconi 
– how important is it to deconstruct the very concept of ‘crime’?

David Scott
– what is the usefulness and/or risk of “anti-slavery talk” for penal abolitionism?’

Sebastian Scheerer 
– is there a necessity to maintain certain non-punitive kinds of confinement?

Simone Santorso
– how can we deal with the experience of “carceral clawback”?

Chaired by Morwenna Bennallick from the University of Westminster.

The talk will last around 90 minutes and there will be around 30 minutes for discussion, contributions and questions about the NO Prison social movement.

Link to the event:


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